2023 Yamaha XSR 300: Retro Classic Launch Anticipation Grows

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Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as Yamaha gears up to launch its highly anticipated retro classic bike, the 2023 Yamaha XSR 300. With its iconic design and impressive performance, this entry-level sports heritage bike is set to make waves in the Indian market.

Powered by a 321 cc twin-cylinder engine and equipped with top-notch features like USD front forks, hydraulic mono-shock suspension, and dual-channel ABS, the XSR 300 promises an exhilarating ride on both city streets and open highways.

As one of the costliest 300cc bikes in India, it will go head-to-head with popular models like Honda CB350 and KTM Duke 390. While official launch dates have not been announced yet, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its arrival at the end of this year. Stay tuned for more updates on Droom’s role in bringing this retro classic beauty to your doorstep.

What to Expect

Get ready to be transported back in time with the highly anticipated Yamaha XSR 300, a retro classic bike that is set to launch soon. This bike is creating a buzz among motorcycle enthusiasts and for good reason. With its vintage design and modern features, the XSR 300 promises to provide a nostalgic riding experience like no other.

The Yamaha XSR 300 will come equipped with a powerful 321 cc twin-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive power output of around 42 PS and torque of approximately 29.8 Nm. The engine will feature electronic fuel injection for optimal performance and efficiency. Riders can expect smooth gear shifts from the 6-speed gearbox.

In terms of performance, the XSR 300 is expected to reach a top speed of around 170 km/h, allowing riders to experience thrilling rides on both city streets and open highways.

When it comes to features, the XSR 300 has got you covered. It will sport USD front forks and hydraulic mono-shock suspension for excellent handling and comfort. The bike will also be equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and dual-channel ABS for enhanced safety.

With its retro styling combined with modern technology, the Yamaha XSR 300 is sure to captivate riders who long for a classic biking experience. Stay tuned for more information about its specifications as we dive into the details in the next section


Imagine cruising down the road on a powerful machine, feeling the wind in your hair and the thrill of the open road – that’s what you can expect from this highly anticipated bike. The Yamaha XSR 300 is set to deliver an exhilarating riding experience with its impressive specifications.

Here is a table summarizing the key specifications of the Yamaha XSR 300:

Engine321 cc twin-cylinder
Power outputAround 42 PS
TorqueAround 29.8 Nm
Transmission6-speed gearbox
Cooling systemLiquid-cooled
Fuel systemElectronic fuel injection
Rear SuspensionUSD forks
Rear suspensionHydraulic mono-shock
BrakesHydraulic disc with dual-channel ABS

With its powerful twin-cylinder engine, capable of producing around 42 PS of power and around 29.8 Nm of torque, the Yamaha XSR 300 promises excellent performance on both city streets and open highways. The liquid-cooling system ensures efficient heat dissipation, allowing for longer rides without any overheating issues.

The bike also features USD front forks and a hydraulic mono-shock suspension setup, providing a smooth and comfortable ride over various terrains. The hydraulic disc brakes with dual-channel ABS ensure optimal braking performance and enhanced safety.

The Yamaha XSR 300 packs impressive specifications that are bound to excite any motorcycle enthusiast looking for a retro classic bike with modern performance capabilities. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into its exciting features in the next section.


Experience the thrill of a smooth and comfortable ride with the Yamaha XSR 300’s impressive features. This retro classic bike is equipped with USD front forks, which provide excellent suspension and stability on all types of roads. The hydraulic mono-shock suspension further enhances the riding experience by absorbing bumps and vibrations, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

Safety is also a top priority for Yamaha, as seen in the XSR 300’s hydraulic disc brakes with dual-channel ABS. These advanced braking systems offer precise stopping power and prevent wheel lock-up, even in emergency situations. Whether you’re cruising down city streets or taking on winding roads, you can rely on the XSR 300 to deliver confident braking performance.

With its alloy wheels and dual-purpose tires, the XSR 300 combines style and functionality. The alloy wheels not only enhance the bike’s visual appeal but also contribute to better handling and stability. The dual-purpose tires provide excellent grip on both paved roads and off-road terrains, giving riders the freedom to explore various landscapes.

As we delve into our discussion about competitors in the next section, it’s important to note that these remarkable features set the Yamaha XSR 300 apart from its rivals. Get ready to discover how this retro classic bike stacks up against other motorcycles in its segment.

Bike Variant2023 Yamaha XSR300 (New RD350)
Availability Status in IndiaUpcoming
2-Wheeler TypeNaked
Fuel TypePetrol
Official TaglineFaster Sons (XSR Series)
Engine Details2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves
Fuel SystemFuel Injection
CoolingLiquid Cooling
Engine cc (Displacement)321 cc
Maximum Power42 PS (Expected)
Maximum Torque29.6 Nm (Expected)
Number of Cylinders2
Emission NormsBS6-Compliant
Number of Gears6
Gearbox TypeConstant Mesh
ClutchWet, Multiple Disc
Front BrakeHydraulic single disc, Ø 298 mm
Rear BrakeHydraulic single disc, Ø 220 mm
Front Tyre110/70-17
Rear Tyre140/70-17
Front SuspensionTelescopic forks
Rear SuspensionSwingarm
Trip MeterAnalog
Fuel GaugeAnalog


When it comes to competitors in its segment, you’ll find that the Yamaha XSR 300 faces stiff competition from the BMW 310GS, KTM 390 Adventure, and Royal Enfield Himalayan. All of these bikes offer their own unique features and advantages that make them popular choices among riders.

The BMW 310GS is known for its off-road capabilities and rugged design, making it a great option for adventure enthusiasts. The KTM 390 Adventure, on the other hand, is renowned for its powerful performance and advanced technology, attracting riders who crave adrenaline-fueled experiences. Lastly, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has gained a loyal following due to its classic design and reliable performance on both city streets and rough terrains.

Each of these competitors brings something different to the table, making it challenging for the Yamaha XSR 300 to stand out in this highly competitive market. However, with its retro-classic design and impressive specifications like the twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine delivering 42 PS power and 32 Nm torque, the XSR 300 has a strong chance of capturing the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a blend of style and performance.

Moving forward into discussing ‘price and availability,’ let’s take a closer look at what potential buyers can expect when it comes to owning this highly anticipated bike.

Price and Availability

Get ready to get your hands on the highly anticipated Yamaha XSR 300, because it will soon be hitting the Indian market with a price tag of Rs 3.6 lakhs INR! Here are three key things you need to know about the price and availability of this retro classic bike:

  1. Costliest 300cc Bike: With a price of Rs 3.6 lakhs, the Yamaha XSR 300 will be one of the costliest 300cc bikes in the Indian market. This puts it in direct competition with popular bikes like Honda CB350 and KTM Duke 390.
  2. Launch Date: While official launch dates for the XSR 300 have not been announced, it is expected to be launched in India towards the end of this year. Fans eagerly await the prototype reveal, which will be followed by the final production-ready model launch.
  3. Limited Availability: The Yamaha XSR 300 is expected to have limited availability initially due to its high demand and popularity among bike enthusiasts. So if you want to get your hands on this retro classic beauty, make sure to stay updated with all the latest news and announcements from Yamaha.

Now that you know about the price and availability of the Yamaha XSR 300, let’s dive into its design and styling, which truly captures its retro charm and heritage appeal.

Design and Styling

Moving on to the design and styling of the Yamaha XSR 300, this retro classic bike is expected to have a unique and eye-catching appearance. Yamaha has always been known for its innovative and attractive designs, and the XSR 300 is no exception. With its muscular look and retro-inspired design elements, this bike is sure to turn heads on the road.

The XSR 300 will feature a diamond frame chassis that not only adds to its visual appeal but also enhances its overall stability and handling. Additionally, it will come with a range of colour options, with green being one of them.

Yamaha has always paid attention to detail when it comes to their bikes, and we can expect the same level of craftsmanship in the XSR 300. From the sleek lines to the premium finish, every aspect of this bike’s design will exude quality.

With its retro classic styling combined with modern features, the Yamaha XSR 300 is set to offer riders a truly nostalgic riding experience. And now that we’ve covered the design and styling aspect, let’s delve into another exciting aspect of this bike: its performance and power.

Performance and Power

The performance and power of the Yamaha XSR 300 will leave riders exhilarated and craving for more. With its impressive specifications, this retro classic bike is set to deliver an exceptional riding experience that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts.

  • Unleash the Beast: The XSR 300 is equipped with a 321 cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, delivering a powerful performance on the road. Its electronic fuel injection system ensures optimal fuel delivery, providing seamless acceleration and responsiveness.
  • Smooth Gear Shifts: This bike features a 6-speed gearbox, allowing riders to effortlessly shift through gears and find their desired speed. Whether cruising on highways or tackling winding roads, the XSR 300 offers precise gear transitions for a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • Agile Handling: With its diamond frame chassis, the XSR 300 offers excellent stability and agility on various terrains. Riders can confidently navigate corners and curves, experiencing enhanced control and manoeuvrability.

As we transition into the next section about technology and innovation, it’s worth noting that Yamaha has incorporated cutting-edge features in the XSR 300 to enhance both performance and rider comfort. Let’s delve deeper into these exciting advancements.

Technology and Innovation

Experience the cutting-edge technology and innovative features that make the Yamaha XSR 300 a game-changer in the world of retro classic bikes. The XSR 300 is equipped with advanced technology to enhance your riding experience. It features a 321 cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, delivering an impressive power output of 42 PS and a torque of 32 Nm. The electronic fuel injection system ensures smooth throttle response and optimal fuel efficiency.

In terms of transmission, the XSR 300 comes with a 6-speed gearbox, allowing you to effortlessly shift gears and find the perfect balance between power and control. Its diamond frame chassis provides excellent stability and manoeuvrability, ensuring a confident ride on any terrain.

The Yamaha XSR 300 boasts a muscular look that pays homage to its retro heritage while incorporating modern design elements. It also offers outstanding suspension performance with its front and rear suspension systems, providing superior comfort even on bumpy roads.

With its technologically advanced features, the Yamaha XSR 300 sets itself apart from its competitors in the retro classic segment. Stay tuned as we delve into the rich history of Yamaha motorcycles in our next section.

History of Yamaha

Step into the fascinating world of Yamaha motorcycles and discover the rich history that has shaped our incredible success. Since our inception in 1887 as a Western musical instrument manufacturing company, we have continuously evolved to venture into the automobile industry in 1955. Today, we stand proud as the fourth largest manufacturer in the two-wheeler industry.

To fully grasp our journey, here are some key points that highlight our illustrious past:

  • From humble beginnings as a musical instrument manufacturer, we diversified into automobiles and established ourselves as one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers globally.
  • Our superbikes, including legendary models such as YZF-R1, FZ1, and Vmax, have gained a formidable reputation on race tracks worldwide.
  • We have faced tough competition from other renowned brands like Ducati, Hyosung, and Suzuki but have consistently held our ground with innovative designs and cutting-edge technology.
  • With a wide range of motorcycles catering to different segments of riders, we continue to reign supreme by delivering high performance combined with exceptional quality.

As you delve deeper into Yamaha’s history, it becomes evident why we hold such an esteemed position in the industry. Now let’s explore Yamaha’s current standing and its influence on the ever-evolving world of motorcycles.

Yamaha’s Position in the Industry

Discover the impressive standing Yamaha holds in the motorcycle industry as we continue to captivate riders with our innovative designs and cutting-edge technology. As the fourth largest manufacturer in the two-wheeler industry, Yamaha has established a formidable reputation for itself.

Our history dates back to 1887 when we started as a western musical instrument manufacturing company. Since venturing into the automobile industry in 1955, we have consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards.

Yamaha’s position is further solidified by our range of superbikes that have dominated race tracks worldwide. Models such as the YZF-R1, FZ1, and Vmax showcase our commitment to performance excellence. These motorcycles are not just machines but embodiments of speed, power, and precision engineering.

With competitors like Ducati, Hyosung, and Suzuki vying for attention in this competitive market, Yamaha stands out with its relentless pursuit of perfection. We strive to deliver motorcycles that ignite passion and provide an unparalleled riding experience.

Moving forward from our position in the industry, let’s delve deeper into Yamaha superbikes and explore how they epitomize our dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible on two wheels.”

Yamaha Superbikes

Unleash your inner speed demon with Yamaha’s lineup of thrilling superbikes that redefine the limits of performance on two wheels. Yamaha has a formidable reputation in the world of superbikes, and their models like the YZF-R1, FZ1, and Vmax have consistently set new standards on race tracks around the globe. These machines are engineered to deliver exhilarating speed, precision handling, and unparalleled power.

Yamaha superbikes are designed for those who crave the adrenaline rush that comes with pushing boundaries. With cutting-edge technology, advanced features, and aggressive aesthetics, these motorcycles embody Yamaha’s commitment to delivering an unmatched riding experience.

Whether you’re carving corners on a track or conquering open roads, Yamaha superbikes offer exceptional performance that will leave you breathless. From the thunderous roar of their engines to the seamless integration of state-of-the-art electronics systems, every aspect is meticulously crafted to provide maximum thrills.

But Yamaha doesn’t just stop at the raw power and performance. They also prioritize safety by incorporating advanced braking systems and stability control technologies into their superbike lineup. This ensures that riders can enjoy their high-speed adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

Now that we’ve explored Yamaha’s range of adrenaline-pumping superbikes, let’s shift our focus to Droom’s role in providing a 21st-century e-commerce experience for automobile enthusiasts like us.

Droom’s Role

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Droom and see how it caters to the needs of automobile enthusiasts like yourself. Droom is a technology and data science company that specializes in facilitating online automobile buying and selling. With their 21st-century e-commerce experience, they provide a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and transact seamlessly.

Droom offers a wide range of vehicles on its platform, with over 1.15 million listings available. Whether you’re looking for a new bike like the Yamaha XSR 300 or any other vehicle, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. They also provide related services such as insurance, financing, and vehicle history reports to ensure a comprehensive buying experience.

As an avid automobile enthusiast, I appreciate Droom’s commitment to providing detailed information about each listing. From ex-showroom price to dimensions, warranty details to suspension specifications, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving potential buyers all the necessary information.

Now that we’ve explored Droom’s role in connecting buyers and sellers in the automobile market, let’s move on to discuss their offerings in more detail.

Droom’s Offerings

Droom’s wide range of vehicles and comprehensive services make it the ultimate destination for automobile enthusiasts. With over 1.15 million vehicles listed on their platform, Droom offers a 21st-century e-commerce experience for automobiles, providing a seamless buying and selling process. Here are three key offerings that set Droom apart:

  1. Extensive Vehicle Listings: Droom boasts an impressive collection of vehicles, catering to every need and preference. Whether you’re looking for a powerful superbike like the Yamaha XSR300 or a reliable sedan for your daily commute, Droom has got you covered.
  2. Transparent Pricing: At Droom, transparency is paramount. They provide detailed information about each vehicle, including ex-showroom price, warranty details, and even an EMI calculator to help buyers make informed decisions.
  3. Convenient Transactions: Buying or selling a vehicle has never been easier with Droom’s user-friendly platform. They facilitate smooth transactions between buyers and sellers, ensuring a hassle-free experience every step of the way.

Now let’s move on to explore some crucial details about the Yamaha XSR300, such as its mileage and on-road price in New Delhi.

Mileage and On-Road Price

Moving on to the mileage and on-road price of the Yamaha XSR300, it is expected to offer a decent fuel efficiency of around 40 kmpl. This means that riders can expect a good balance between performance and fuel economy, making it suitable for both city commuting and long rides.

As for the on-road price, in New Delhi, the Yamaha XSR300 is expected to be priced at around ₹3.67 Lacs. It’s important to note that the final on-road price may vary depending on factors such as location and additional charges.

To provide a visual representation of the information, here’s a table summarizing the mileage and on-road price details:

MileageOn-Road Price (New Delhi)
Around 40 kmpl₹3.67 Lacs

With this information in mind, riders can have an idea of what to expect in terms of fuel efficiency and pricing when considering the Yamaha XSR300. Now let’s explore another aspect of this anticipated motorcycle: its colour options…

Colour Options

Explore the vibrant colour options available for you to choose from when customizing your Yamaha XSR300. With its retro classic design, the XSR300 offers a range of colours that perfectly complement its timeless style. Here are five exciting colour choices to consider:

  • Midnight Black: For those who prefer a sleek and sophisticated look, the Midnight Black option adds a touch of elegance to your ride.
  • Racing Red: If you want to make a bold statement on the road, the Racing Red option is sure to turn heads with its vibrant hue.
  • Vintage Yellow: Embrace nostalgia with the Vintage Yellow colour, reminiscent of classic bikes from decades past.
  • Ocean Blue: The Ocean Blue option brings a refreshing and calming vibe to your XSR300, perfect for riders who love coastal adventures.
  • Forest Green: For nature enthusiasts, the Forest Green colour option blends seamlessly with outdoor landscapes, giving your bike an earthy and adventurous feel.

No matter which colour you choose, each one is carefully crafted to enhance the overall aesthetics of your Yamaha XSR300. So go ahead and express yourself through your choice of colour, as you embark on unforgettable journeys with this iconic retro classic motorcycle. Liberation awaits!


In conclusion, the launch of the Yamaha XSR 300 is generating a lot of excitement among bike enthusiasts. With its retro classic design and impressive performance features, such as the powerful twin-cylinder engine and advanced suspension system, it is expected to be a strong competitor in the Indian market.

Although official launch dates have not been announced yet, it is anticipated to be released by the end of this year. As one of the costliest 300cc bikes available, it will surely attract the attention of riders looking for a high-performance and stylish ride.

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